Live to Give Oz is a dedicated team of friends and family who are working together for the good of the whole community. It is about appreciating the privileged life we live and giving back. It’s about creating events where communities can gather and have fun whilst raising awareness and funds to enhance the lives of others. Based on the philosophy that if one person can make a difference, two can do even more…

…and with many, so it grows. Given the opportunity, people really do want to help, when and how they can. Live to Give Oz gives them the chance to participate in giving back in their own unique way.

Dorf is the driving force behind Live to Give Oz. His growing awareness and empathy has developed through travelling and volunteering extensively in third world countries. Each time he has returned to Australia, he’s been struck by the privileged lifestyle we live. This has compelled Dorf to guide himself by his motto and mantra, live and give.